Attacked by a river otter? Seriously

Finally things are starting to feel as normal as I could ask at the time, except for me wanting to be mean at the drop of a hat. The court hearings were finally starting to get under way, the Heart and Lung application was in, I was in to see the dentist to get this tooth fixed, and the I changed ear Dr’s.

The second court hearing is where it came out that I had lost my taste and smell, and had a hearing deficit in my left ear. The opposing attorney had asked me why was it just now that this information was coming out. I don’t have too much of a problem with the question. Where I have the problem is when I gave my answer that “I had a lot more pressing issues going on in my life, such as surviving and trying to cope with a life changing event for both me and my family” he had the audacity to say that “In my opinion you still would have known that your taste and smell were gone.” It was all I could do to stay connected to the chair that I was in and not jump across the table at that dude. Obviously he hasn’t had a major event in his lief that would make him forget about the things that really didn’t matter, i.e. a brain injury or TBI. The hearing went on and was scheduled another one at a later date. All of the information was put on the table and my side was told by me. Afterwards my attorney told me that I did well and answered the questions to the point and did not go off of topic. I left there feeling pretty good, if leaving a court hearing is possible when the defense is trying to make you out to look like a liar that is trying to get one over on the system.

The insurance company had also scheduled me to have an appointment with a Dr. Kasden in Pittsburgh as their Dr. to see how my progression was going, at least that’s what I think it was for. After his office rescheduling the appointment many times I finally got to see him in Late March or early April. I sat in the waiting room of his office for 2 1/2 hours and when I finally saw him the appointment lasted for 10 minutes. He looked in my eyes, made me walk down the hallway, stand on my heels, and touch my finger to my nose. He then asked me how long I was on worker’s comp? When I told him that I did not collect a penny from worker’s comp because I was using my own sick time and my vacation time because the court case was moving very slow. He told me that he didn’t see know reason why I couldn’t go back to work. he didn’t look at any x-rays or scans or do any tests that a 3rd grader couldn’t do. This system for worker’s comp is a joke. A 10 minute exam by a Dr. who doesn’t give a damn about anything except for the check he is going to receive says I can go back to work. I wish it was that easy. I wanted to go to work. My Dr. says that it is too soon. He truly cares about my health and recovery so he wants me to take things slowly. When it all was said and done ai was allowed to go back to work on light duty. Basically I would show up at the fire station and help with the daily chores. I felt like I was turning in to the chief’s secretary. I would also wax trucks and test SCBA. I attempted to get our inspection program up and running for our local businesses that has been dormant since we bought the Toughbook. 4 years is too long to go without having our inspection program in place, but it is what it is.

This paragraph has nothing to do with my injury except for the fact that I was at a neurology appointment. and my friend who is a police officer had asked if I would like to meet him at the local river to fish for a little while when I returned from the Dr. I said sure that would be fun. I got home from the appointment sat down on my couch getting ready to change my clothes and my cell phone rang 2 hours later. It was my police friend saying that he was heading to the emergency room. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he was attacked by a river otter while he was fishing. I almost fell off of my couch laughing hysterically. I told him that he had to come to my house so I could see the evidence. he told me that he had already gone across the bridge an d was halfway to the hospital. When he sent me the pictures I was shocked. he actually was attacked by the cutest animal in the zoo. He had 5 bite marks in his thigh and one on his toe. He lost his sunglasses a shoe and a fishing rod. I still tell him that I see that otter on the river wearing his sunglasses and doing some fishing. He is 1 of 42 known river otter attacks in the U.S. He has that going for him at least. I actually told that story yesterday, but he was with me at the time to give all of the fine details. That is why I am adding this to today’s blog. The link is below for the story. After 21 shots for rabies as a precaution he was back to normal This happened on Sept. 11 2012

North American River Otters, Lontra canadensis...

North American River Otters, Lontra canadensis (per Schreber, 1777. More commonly used, but allegedly incorrect latin name: Lutra canadensis). I took the photo in San Francisco Zoo on August 29, 2005. Français : Loutre de rivière, Lontra canadensis. Image prise au zoo de San Fransisco le 29 Août 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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