Home for the first time

I forgot to mention a very important event the last time I was posting on here. Light up Night is a very important event for my family and we have gone to it as a family for as long as we can remember. Light up Night was the day after my accident and was the first time that we have not been able to spend that time there together. At the time I really had no clue that light up Night even existed, but I felt a lot of guilt as I was healing for my family and I having to miss one of our favorite nights of the year.I left off talking about my trip home for the first time. My wife had bought me a very nice recliner to help make me more comfortable. We also have a Love Sac in our home which is like a gigantic bean bag made out of memory foam. They are very comfortable. I spent alot of my time in that instead of the new recliner for some reason. I was still pretty much on the snack pack and fruit cup diet and I would try to have some other things here and there. Having a baby sitter as a 41 year old male is not a place that i could have ever imagined I could be. I must have let that show a little more than I would have liked. I hear a lot of the stories of how mean I was when someone in my house would hold me under my arm when I would go to the kitchen to get a drink, or to have my wife follow me up the stairs just in case I was to fall down the stairs. She weighs 130 soaking wet, and I was about 195. She didn’t have a chance, and maybe that is why I would get so frustrated. I was told that I was so hard to get along with that very few of my friends or co workers would come by to see me. I stated earlier that I had lost my mouth filter and if I had a thought in my head, it would come out without me being able to hold it back. To this very day I still do not have any recollection of this. My wife would have to come home from work after at least a 12 hour shift and bathe me before getting herself showered and ready for bed for the next day. Any help that I was given from anyone made me impossible to be around but they did it because they knew that I could not be left alone. There were 3 friends that weathered the storm and would at least call me every or every other day. They would stop by when they could but I don’t remember that either. This went on and on for a couple of days with me acting like a moron and saying things that made no sense at all. Prior to this accident I was supposed to be part of a County Accountability Command class because I do alot of that work in my dept. As I was siting in the Love Sac my wife said that I told her that I finally knew what was going on. I told her that ” I finally figured this all out. I am the only one who can run the Command Accountability System so they have put a chip in my head and they are trying to download the information from my brain.”  Apparently I was pretty serious about this happening and would not take no for an answer. Finally while sitting in the sac the Friday after the accident I sat up and told my wife “Ann Help Me” when she asked me what was wrong I told her that I didn’t know but something  just wasn’t right. That is a huge red flag to nurse. I tried to talk her in to just calling the ambulance service in our town because I know them all very well. She did I think, but due to protocols in place I once again had police, fire, and EMS at my door. I kind of remember this because they wanted to use the stair chair to take me to the waiting stretcher outside of my house. I refused that chair and insisted that I walk. There is nobody that is going to carry me out of my own house when I have anything to say about it. When we arrived at the hospital we were told that I had swelling on the brain and I was going to be shipped back to UPMC Presbyterian. I really did not want to go back down there, but when I asked if it was really necessary, the Dr. stated that it is life and death. Ok no more arguing from me, lets get out of here. I arrived back at the hospital and taken to a room probably had some more tests run at the time. Here we go again is probably what I thought. My Fall to Life took a down turn in my eyes.


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