The morning of

This post will be mostly from facts told to me or by medical transcriptions that I have from the incident.  The last thing I remembered doing is having that onion in my hand. I fell and hit y head on the floor of the store which caused me to go into seizures. Since my fire department is medically certified this meant that the very people I interact with daily would be coming to my aid. Police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel always respond to these types of calls. I was transported to UPMC hospital which is the hospital that my wife works at. She was not on duty that day. My chief attempted to contact my wife on my cell phone but could not get through the password. Eventually the phone calls come in to my wife and children and they come to the hospital. I wish that none of them had to be there in that Emergency room with me in the condition I was in. Later testing showed that I had a 3 1/2 cm. skull fracture near my left ear. I suffered a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage a cerebral bleed and 3 concussions. I was sedated and intubated in the Emergency room  because I was still seizing at this time. The neurologist that my wife works for was in the ER with me and my wife. it was decided that I needed to be flown to another hospital by helicopter. Before being placed on the flight I was medically paralyzed to help stop with the seizures for the flight. I was flown to a UPMC facility in Pittsburgh, PA. The medical transcripts from the receiving doctor state that he was there for the initial resuscitation. To this day I do not know if that means that I was brought back to life or if I was taken taken off the drug that paralyzed me for the flight. I would be kept in a sedated and intubated state for 4 days. When I woke up I can vaguely remember being surrounded by my wife and other family members. I think there was a couple of friends there as well. I was very confused and wondered where the hell I was at and how did I get here and why. My wife told me later that the first words out of my mouth were ” I am going to lose my job.” I don’t remember that but I believe it. I do remember having tremendous pain in my legs below my buttocks region and I couldnt figure out still what had happened. My wife said that she explained that i fell and had a seizure and I was now in Pittsburgh hospital. Not being a real happy camper at this time I immediately wanted to go home and was not afraid to say it. The best way that my wife could describe it was that I had lost my “voice filter.” Ann had never left my side the entire time that I was in that state. She doesn’t believe me, but I know that in some way she kept me alive throughout this first phase of My Fall to Life.


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