Change is not always easy

Since this TBI I have had to alter my life in ways that are both good and bad in my opinion. Some were very easy changes since it really didn’t make a difference in the way a lived my life from day to day. Others were things that I didn’t want to come to terms with.

On the easy side I had to make sure that I did not drink more than a couple of beers at a time. I am not much of a drinker to start with. A case of beer put in refrigerator today will still have a few in there 6 months from now. Since there were seizures involved with my accident and I have been placed on seizure medication, the doctor wanted to be sure that I did what was best for me. It turns out that alcohol will lower the seizure threshold of a person. That was a very easy change.

Another change that I really didn’t have much of an issue with is amusement park rides. Since the crystals in my ear are not back to normal, riding those type of rides is not a real smart thing to do. We don’t go to many amusement parks so that was ok with me too.

Some of the more difficult ones are things that I was accustomed to in my life prior to the accident. Something that would seem so simple to most people is now something that I have to take precaution in and think through before doing. Changing a light bulb on the stairwell when I need to use a step ladder is now dangerous because of the positional vertigo. Coaching softball as I have done for over 10 years is now something that I have not gone back yet too just in case I get hit with a ball. Cleaning the down spouts on the porch while on the ladder or siting on the porch roof I can not do without using extra care. If it was up to my wife I would never do any of these again so I always wait till she is at work.

Strobe lights is something that I have to be careful around. They  lower the seizure threshold and can cause a seizure. I absolutely love Halloween and going to a haunted house I have to be careful. Usually I just lower my head and get through the room that is flashing. The down side to that is that I miss the scare that is in the room.

These things are very small in the grand scheme of life bu they change the way that you have to live it.

Change is not always easy but in My Fall to Life if that is the price that is to be paid, I can adapt and make the best out of it.


One thought on “Change is not always easy

  1. Honestly shared. I appreciated reading this post because it made me think about the things in my own life that have had to change – many of which you mention here. I’ve noticed that the biggest change is being really gentle and forgiving of myself — allowing “what is” to just be as it is without fighting it or getting upset about it. Thank you for sharing your truth! Lisa


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