Define the moment or the moment defines you

This quote is something that I have learned to spend everyday thinking about. Every moment in life gives you the opportunity to define you or you define it. Some are good and some are bad. Your choices can change your day in a good way or your entire life in a bad way. Quick thinking is a very good trait to have in life and is a necessity for a happy and successful life.


Irrational quick thinking can lead to disaster. If you look around your immediate area hopefully, hopefully you don’t have to see a bunch of irrational quick thinking. you do  not have to look too far to see it happen everyday though.


This blog has become very important to me. I try to post as often as everyday or every other day. This weekend my irrational quick thinking tried to get the best of me. I thought on more than a couple of occasions that I needed to get home and write the blog or people will not follow me. That kind of thinking is good because it shows me that I am dedicated to the reason that I have started writing this blog. The more important things in my life shined through though. One of my best friends got married and needed help setting up the wedding. Before that we went out and golfed 9 holes. The reception was afterwards and the fireworks followed. Obviously I couldn’t blog that day.


The next day I had plans to fish with my brother. You can’t blog in the boat. We decided that we were also going to fish all night so we needed to go home and get an hour or so power nap. I can’t blog while I am sleeping either.


So even though this blog is very important, I defined the moment by choosing what was more important to me than writing this blog every day. I define the moments in my life and with a positive attitude about how I define those moments My Fall to Life keeps improving.


The next time you are faced with the decision of this or that, take the time to define the moment and how it will make you feel then and how it will make you feel in the future. Once these two are answered, then you can define the moment with confidence and your head held high.

Vincent Bethell Self Aware Placard

Vincent Bethell Self Aware Placard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One thought on “Define the moment or the moment defines you

  1. You are really getting at a key point in doing anything we are passionate about but that is in the public’s eye. Keep checking in with ourselves and our motives. Keep mindful of why we are doing something. Keep balanced. Thank you for your integrity and honesty. Lisa


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