Its simple, PAY IT FORWARD


Coffee (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Every person on Earth can remember a time in their life when someone did something very nice for you. If you can’t think of one nice thing done for you  send me an email because I have one for you that you must have forgot about. I am not talking about a little thing that happens to you everyday. I mean something that made your say” wow, why did they do that for me?”

Those types of things do not happen every day in our life, but let me tell you what does and what can. The  part of your day that you have an option to pay it forward to someone in something very small. Whether you decide to wait an extra 10 seconds to hold the door for someone, or take the shopping cart back to the store for them while you are walking in. I like to go to the cash register at the local convenience store and pay for the next person to come through their line with a large coffee. I like to hold the door for the ladies and men  coming behind me, and I like to allow the elderly to go ahead of me at the grocery store.

These things don’t mean alot as to whether you are a good person or not, but I promise you that if you do these random acts of kindness they will be paid forward time and time again by the people who have received them. I know that my record at the coffee store was after I paid for the next coffee the next 5 people got their coffee free because of the ones receiving a free one paid for the next.

The average person sleeps for 8 hours a day. This leaves 16 hours of time that you are awake. A Pay it forward moment takes about 15 seconds of your day. In the grand scheme of your day that means that 1/3840th of your day would be spent on this act of kindness. That tiny little 15 seconds of your day that you choose to do something nice for someone may make a big difference in their day. They will normally always smile and say thank you.

We all have a bad day. It would be nice if when we are having a bad day that someone would just do something that makes you smile or say thank you. So after you read this blog I challenge you to make it a point each day to just do something nice for someone. You will be surprised how good it makes you feel.

My Fall to Life has given me a new found faith and I like to use it to as much good as possible. This is one very easy way to show that I appreciate everything that I have and I do not take things for granted



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