It happens. Downhill spiral

A spiral staircase inside one of the Vatican M...

A spiral staircase inside one of the Vatican Museums (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have not posted in a couple of days, and I apologize for that. Not that I expect anyone to be waiting on the edge of your seat for the next post from me me, but I do try to stay consistent. I always come in here and tell you all of the reasons that I have to be thankful, and they are all a gift to me. That does not and will not ever change.

With that being said, I would not be being true to myself or this blog that i am writing if I did not share honestly. All of the wonderful things in life, and the couple of not so wonderful ones. This blog is going to be one of the not so wonderful ones.

We all have our not so awesome moments in life. Some are very minor, and some are life changing. Most of them are somewhere in the middle. They are usually very short lived, such as a day or 2 and then back tot he grindstone we go and keep pushing forward with our life missions. If you have read my blog for more than 1 post you know that I am always a positive person when it comes to everything.

Today, this week, and this month have been different. I have been on a slow moving downward spiral. I do not feel the awesomeness of life as I do on most days. I look around everywhere that I go and I wonder why is it that I cannot smell the grass that guy is mowing or taste the food that I am eating. i am sick and tired at having to stare at someone to hear them speak if there is any other noise around. I am tired of having that constant ringing in my ear and the muffled sounds that enter.

Sometimes it just pisses me off for lack of better words. I have been doing everything in my power to keep my mind busy through this spiral in order to maintain a positive attitude. I have fished, kayaked, weeded and watered the flowers, golfed, and many others. As much as I enjoy all of those things they bring me back to the spiral. I cant smell the creek when kayaking, or the grass at the golf course, and forget about trying to smell a flower. I haven’t even tried that since I was hurt.

I am not going to sit here and look for people to feel sorry for me or send words of encouragement, I am just trying to say that at least in my situation, if you have one of these spirals, I feel like it is normal. Do not allow it to drag you down. The best thing that can be done is keep on driving forward and allow your faith to help get you through this time.

My Fall to Life has hit another speed bump, but can and will keep getting better


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