Back on Track

English: This CT scan is an example of Subdura...

English: This CT scan is an example of Subdural haemorrhage caused by trauma. Single arrow marked the spread of the subdural haematoma Double arrow marked the midline shift Deutsch: Dieser CT-Scan ist ein Beispiel für ein subdurales Hämatom durch Trauma Einzel Pfeile markieren die Ausdehnung des subduralen Hämatoms Doppel Pfeile markieren die Mittellinenverlagerung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am going to attempt to get back on track tonight with the traumatic brain injury topic. The last post or two has shown that I have been a little fired up lately. I do not regret what I posted, and I stand beside my posts 100%. It seems when I get in one of these downward spirals I tend to let my attention focus heavily on a topic.

Before I had this brain injury I was not the type of person that would air things out as loudly as I do now. I think that this can be both good and bad. On the good side I express my feelings whole to the T and nobody second guesses how I feel. On the bad side I have a tendency to let things get under my skin and I will speak until I am heard. I can not be convinced that I am being irrational and sometimes I am being irrational. Allow me to finish my thought and things will be fine.

No matter how much I try to think otherwise a critical TBI has changed me as a person. I have stated before that I take nothing for granted and that is very good, but I also get  a little hard to get along with. Life is too short not to be heard but I have to remember that I need to be heard while also being courteous and respectful.

I was told that the medication that I was put on would make me gain some weight. Of course I didn’t believe that because I am a pretty fit 42 year old man. I have to be in order to perform my job. Well guess what. It is starting to happen. I am trying to change the way I eat and the way I exercise, but so far I cannot keep up. It is not a lot of weight gain yet, but it is quick. I need to get with it here or I am going to put on too many pounds. I can’t blame the meds, I need to take action.

There is nothing that I can’t do if I want to do it. I have proven that already over the last year and a half. However I need to remember that I cannot do it all alone. I need to lean on the people around me that care about me and love me. A strong support system is the backbone to success after dealing with a life changing event or just a happy successful life for that matter.

Please take two things away from this post. Number one is that do not try to tackle a major life event on your own, and number two still thank your veterans as I asked on the previous post.



One thought on “Back on Track

  1. The meds do sometimes cause weight gain, and you’re going at it with a great attitude. That’s really impressive. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise is key to keep it minimal, even if you can’t fully stop it. Thank you for continuing to blog your journey on WordPress, I like getting your posts in my feed!


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