Family camp time

I know that it has been quite some time since I have posted on this blog, and I have no excuse other than life has been keeping me very busy. That is not an excuse however. I started this blog in hopes of helping a couple of people who may have suffered a TBI or similar injury, and I need to stick with that plan and stay on this blog like it is my job.

A very good thing happened this last weekend. The entire family was able to get together and spend time together at my brother’s house camping. He has a nice house with a nice little set up with fire ring, tent room, a little rifle range, and a small speak easy in his garage. he recently built a large smoker which we cooked on Saturday when friends were also invited over to a great fish fry. We of course did not limit the meal to fish. We had hot sausage, steaks, hamburgers, deer bologna that was smoked the day before, and of course the fish beer battered and fried in a turkey fryer.

Of course as we sat around the smoker making sure that it maintained the perfect cooking temperature, we had a beer or two and me, my brother, and my sister talked about the past and the future. It is the first time that we all three been able to sit down without anyone else and actually reminisce. It is funny how life throws things at you that you don’t realize are happening until you have reached the point that we reached this last weekend. My sister had talked about her not leaving my side while I was in the hospital with my TBI. My brother talked about how he would not come to my house after I was out of the hospital because both of us being an Alpha mentality, and me being in a state of mind that I could not be wrong, he thought that we would clash too much and any time that we spent together would be no good to either of us.

All of this time, I thought that some of my family members just did not want to see me in the pain and mental state that I was in because it would hurt them. I know that part of this was true, but I did not realize that the other side of it was that they were doing it for me so not to cause conflict within the family…Hmmmmm

I never thought about it this way. It makes a hell of a lot of sense now, because who would I like to argue with the most if I was going to argue. It would be my family because I know that they would tolerate the most out of me. Makes perfect sense now that I think about it.

Anyways back to camping. Every generation in our family and almost every person was able to be there. My mother, her 3 children, there children, and the child of one of them. It was a very nice thing to see every one together and enjoying the weather and the family fun that we always seem to have when we get together.

Enjoy your family and never take for granted that you know the answers, ask and you shall receive the answer that you need. May not be the one you want, but at least you will know.





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