Christmas music already

I didn’t realize how soon after Halloween they started to play Christmas music and advertising for it. I have already expressed how I feel about the upcoming month or two, but I wanna touch on it from a different side.

It seems to me that Christmas is the one time of the year that most people can be civil towards one another, unless you are a Black Friday shopper of course, which I refuse to go out and do with my wife. People just seem to be all around nice. My question is why is there only a month out of the year that people really try to be nice.

Is it the thought of giving a gift to someone, or receiving a gift from someone that makes people happy. Is it because this is the time of year that we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Is it because we ll have family gatherings and see people that we normally don’t see throughout the rest of the year.

My answer to this question is “Its all a bunch of crap.” I say this in a good way. If you can be nice to a person during the season of Christmas, then why on Earth can you not be nice to people all year around. If you can gather with your family now, why cant you at least stay in touch the rest of the year. If you feel that you have to give someone a gift, or receive a gift to be nice then you are a selfless Moron. I hope that this doesn’t sound like I hate the holidays. I really do like them except for the reasons that I previously stated in other posts.

I am a firm believer that when stop believing in Santa Claus that we are fooling ourselves. Santa Claus is not the person that comes down the chimney and fills our house full of gifts underneath a tree. Santa Claus is the spirit that we feel this time of year. We want to be nice and hold the door for someone, or buy something for the child that does without by getting a tag from the gifting tree. We as a human race need to remember the way we feel in December and carry it through for the rest of the year.

The Christmas season has become more about how much money has been spent and so materialistic that it almost makes me sick. It is the thought that counts when it comes to giving something to someone. I don’t care if it is a homemade card made out of construction paper or a diamond ring. The thought should be the same. Far too often in today’s world people think that they can buy happiness or feelings from someone else. This may work short term, but just ask the Hollywood rich people how long their last marriage lasted. There are very few of them that have lasted very long. I have been married to a beautiful woman for almost 24 years. We do not have to worry about paying our bills because we have decent paying jobs. We also dont go out and spend thousands of dollars on each other for Christmas.

I am going to end it right here because I think I have put it out there pretty clearly without getting my blood pressure to rise. I challenge each of you that reads this blog to act like it is Christmas all year round. I promise that you will be happier and I guarantee that your smile is contagious.

That is all!!!!


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