1 down 1 to go

Well Thanksgiving is now behind me and I have Christmas to get through and I think the slump will be over. I had a very nice time with family today so that’s a plus.

Although there are plenty of things that frustrate me this time of year I do not take for granted the many things that  I have to be thankful for. My ability to live a normal life despite my injury 2 years ago. A very understanding wife and children during this season when I get frustrated. A very productive duck season and deer season coming on Monday. There will be a good snow on the ground for deer season this year which is also a plus. My brother and I have hung the stands got all the prep done in hopes of success. Another day of duck coming on Friday which is always fun.

I didn’t think that I would ever find myself enjoying the hunt again after giving it up 10 plus years ago. Friends and a good brother make it worth the while and there is plenty of laughter to be had when on the swamp hunting, or hunting in Lake Erie in the layout boat.

The Christmas tree is up and the decorations are out including the two trumpeting angels that I made my wife go buy within a month after my initial injury. That poor woman hunted for days to find those angels for me because that is what I wanted when I was still in very bad shape.

My wife is also changing her positions at the hospital. She will be leaving the step down unit which takes care of stroke and cardiac patients and the long hours that she has worked for 10 years. She will now be in nuclear cardiology as the nuclear stress test nurse, working daylight shifts Monday through Friday with no weekends and no Holidays. This will be a very nice change and allow for us to spend some more time together.

My daughter in college is getting great grades and both of my daughters are healthy and happy.

So despite being in a little rut because of the holidays it is very easy for me to see that the plus sides far out weigh the negatives. If we all just take that 1 extra minute from our busy schedule when we are in a slump and see what we have going good for us in life, it is pretty easy to see that life is good and My Fall to Life is still getting better each day



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