The End is Near

Here we are near the end of 2013 and a year that I claim as a victory for me even though there were still many bumps in the road. Christmas is just a couple of days away and I have forced myself to be happy. I have explained in previous posts why Christmas is not a fun time for me as much as it used to be, but I have tried a new tactic.

My favorite Christmas song and one that I believe is the true meaning of Christmas is “The Little Drummer Boy”. Anytime that I start to feel in a bad mood this time of year I plug in my ear buds ¬†and play The Little Drummer Boy and take the time to think about why I am not happy this time of year.

I am sure that there would be people out there that think I should just be happy to have survived and I should be able to deal with this time of year and be happy for that reason only. I say to those people that I absolutely am thankful to be alive and I still do like to see the happiness and smiles on my family and friends. It is just not the same as it used to be. I focus more now on the greed that people have and the willingness to hurt or be rude to others this time of year. We have allowed retail Christmas to take us over. People getting shot and stampeded at lines to enter a store so they can get a sale item. Homes are being broke into to steal from others. This my friends is not Christmas. We dont take enough time to think about the thoughtfulness of a gift, instead we think about the price tag. A gift that is given with much thought and love that costs nothing is much more valuable then that 55″ TV that was on sale yesterday. The TV will eventually quit working and need replaced, but the gift given with thought and love will last a lifetime.

The other hot topic that I want to discuss very briefly until my next post which will be dedicated solely to this subject is Phil Robertson. The inventor of Duck Commander and now much talked about man in the media about comments he made about homosexuals. I have alot to say about this topic, but I will leave this thread open for thought before I continue. I do not agree with his comments but I respect him for sticking to his beliefs and not backing down by the media or the TV show that brought him to the National spotlight. More to come in the next post.

If I do not post before Christmas I wish a very Merry Christmas to you all and remember why we celebrate this day.