Courage. How do you define it?

If you look in the dictionary the definition of courage is ” The ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous.” With that being said if you asked 100 people what the definition of courage is you may get 90 different answers. My definition of courage comes from one of my favorite quotes of all time. I will share that quote at the end of this post. First, lets jump in to what gives us courage, and our definition of courage as we know it.

What if in the middle of the night the phone rang and you didn’t want to answer it. What if you woke up in a hospital bed and had no idea why you were there. What if you went to see your Dr. and you were told something that you did not expect to hear. All of these and many many more circumstances can give us courage, or make us tuck our tail between our legs and pretend that it never happened. Every person may feel differently about what courage is and how they do or do not draw from their courage in very tough times.

Recently a friend of mine came face to face the situation when it was either time to tuck the tail, or step up and fight. I am happy to say that the the fight has come out and is growing stronger everyday. The courage is being seen by me and others probably more than they even know. There is no hiding in the corner hoping that it is just a bad dream. Courage is a very powerful tool that every human possesses but few use even when faced with the perfect opportunity to let it all hang out. This friend that I speak of is using courage to a great advantage.

Is this friend scared? Hell yes. Is this friend allowing fear to dictate the outcome that they see in their near future? Hell NO!!

I can honestly say that when I had my injury there were times that I doubted my own courage. I was scared to death that I would never be able to do my job again, or drive a car again, or even live my life like I used to. The plus side was that when I finally said that I had enough of being afraid of my future it lifted me up to a place that no one could stop me. I found my courage and it helped me see through the fog of the tough times that made me feel afraid of the future. It helped me stand up to myself and say “get over yourself and do something about it”

This friend’s situation is very different from mine in many ways, but it is also similar because no one can tell this friend how they feel. Every situation is different regardless of the circumstance, but the outcome can always be the same. A positive mental attitude goes a long way in healing the soul and I believe that it can help heal the body as well. if it couldn’t I believe that I may not be typing this right now. Of course faith in God plays the major role and God will grant you the willingness to accept your circumstance and come out of it even better if you allow him to.

What I want the readers of this post to take away from this is ” people all over the world are dealt hands that they would just like to fold” but where would that leave them. It would be very selfish for a person to take the easy way out. The only people that will be hurt by doing so are the ones that love you the most. So the next time that you are faced with a “COURAGE” type atmosphere remember that the easy way out is only easy for you.

To my friend that I know is going to read this. “Keep doing the things that you are doing and keep fighting the fight. Remember you are a ROCK STAR and you are going to learn alot from this experience. Is it always going to be easy? NOPE. Does that mean it cant be done? NOPE.

Finally as promised. My definition is one of my favorite quotes. This quote is from General Patton. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to control it.”


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