Another new hobby

Since my TBI which has been 2 years now I have started many new hobbies to help my road to recovery which is still a never ending journey. I have started hunting and fishing again with my brother after nearly 10 years off. I have started to take photos with an awesome camera that my wife had bought me. I even started to pan for gold just to get me out into the woods. (I live in NW PA so that did not pan out too well….pun intended). This year I am going to begin another new hobby and this is what has kept me awake thinking about tonight.

Mojave Nugget, a gold nugget weighing 156 ounc...

Mojave Nugget, a gold nugget weighing 156 ounces. From the Stringer district, Kern County, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)tonight.

I am now a proud owner of a metal detector. I want to use this to help me stay out in nature as well exercise and maybe find some neat stuff in the process. I live in a very historic part of Pennsylvania, so there are lots of options on where and how I could start this new found hobby. 8 miles up the road is the birthplace of the oil industry. We have historic pig iron furnaces scattered throughout the region. We have gigantic Victorian era houses through out the town. Some of these houses date back to the late 1800’s. There are man made stone walls that go on for miles and countless old farm foundations in the woods near where I hunt. there were four forts built on the creek and river who’s confluence is less than a half of mile from my house. The list goes on and on.

So I was attempting to sleep and started to wonder “Where do I start?” This is not something that I feel should take a whole lot of thought. there are so may places to go and so many possibilities out there that I should just pick one and go.  First I have to wait for the ground to get a little softer.It would be useless to go out there right now and try to dig up a hit on the detector. At 1:46 am tonight I need to be asleep, not on my laptop blogging.

The next three days of work a classroom setting course in Task Force Leadership. I can’t afford to be half asleep or unable to pay attention. I am hoping that by getting these thoughts out of my head that I will be able to get a couple of hours of sleep before I get up with my wife in the early hours to see her off to work.

I just looked over at the cat and he is literally laying upside down in my recliner enjoying one of his many naps of the day. Oh what a good life that must be. With that being said and straying off topic hopefully that means that I will be able to go to sleep now.

P.S. To my lovely wife. Thanks for the newest tool to the hobby box. I love you so very much for everything that you have done for me over the years and especially the last 2 years through this very difficult time.

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