Thank you for your beautiful city

Last week I was able to tag along with my wife for a trip that she mad to San Diego for a work related conference. May I say “Thank You to San Diego!!” I am born and  raised small town America and my thoughts have always been that a big city is always nice to visit for a day, then get me back where I belong.

San Diego is much different than any city I have ever been to. Every single person in that city was very very nice. From the time we left the airport and got into our cab to the time we got back in a cab to head home, I cannot say anything bad about the city or the people. I am a curious person by nature. I like to strike up a conversation with people just to see what their story is. This city did not let me down.

I had the pleasure of taking a Seal Boat tour of the city guided by a former Army Ranger that was wounded in Afghanistan. The man who painted our caricature portrait has been an artist for over 25 years.  I had the opportunity to talk with some Canadian fighter pilots in the Kansas City BBQ. This is the restaurant where they filmed the movie Top Gun. One of them used to fly for the Snowbirds, which is the Canadian equivalent  of the Blue Angels. In that same place I spoke with a neurologist from Canada that was there for the conference. We stopped in a Hooter’s for appetizers and a drink and our waitress had her master’s degree in psychology and was going back for her doctorate. She was working here as a second job to help pay her college bills. We visited a new Coyote Ugly and learned that the manager there was a direct employee of the owner of the original bar from the movie.

Every type of food that you want to eat is available in the Gas Lamp Quarter or the Sea Port Village and all of the people were there because they enjoyed their job and it showed. The hotel staff would always smile and welcome you back. PetCo Field, home of the San Diego Padres is open to the public except on game days. You can walk down to the right center field fence and watch them work on the field. We went and listened to a group play jazz music one night and the gentleman on the saxophone could hold a note for minutes.

As we walked through the streets just enjoying the warm weather we come to an intersection in the roadway. The vehicles would actually sit there and wait for you to cross. In most other cities if you tried to walk in front of a vehicle, that would be a trip to the hospital by the van with red lights on top.(ambulance)

I could go on and on about this city but i will just and say that this was a much needed break from the everyday stress that I have been feeling lately. Thank you to San Diego and all of its residents for a great week in your beautiful city.

San Diego Skyline

San Diego Skyline (Photo credit: Cindy Devin)

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Too much thinking?

The human body is a pretty amazing piece of work and the brain is even better. Is it possible to actually think about things too much, to the point where the brain and the body can’t handle it. Do they just take over and say “OK dude just chill out or we will chill you out.” Since I have been on this seemingly never ending spiral downwards I don’t know whether to believe if the answer is yes or no. That leads to further stress. Anxiety kicks in because I wonder if my body is trying to keep me in check or am I just over thinking things way too much.

I have looked over my medical transcriptions again as I have from time to time, and I catch myself thinking #1 I am a pretty lucky guy, or #2 was it not as bad as I thought. According to all of the doctors and family it was very bad and I am very lucky, but then why do i have these thoughts. Do things come full circle after an injury like mine. This may be what I posted on the last post I don’t remember. Is the “honeymoon” phase over and me being thankful going away? If it is, am I going to get more and more bitter towards the after effects until this runs full circle again. I certainly hope not. I am a genuinely good person to the core, but the questions that I have and the frustration that is coming to me about having what I have to call disabilities really makes me angry. The word disability is one that I do not use sparingly. However, when I look at myself since this injury, it is the only answer that I can come up with. The senses are some of the most important functions to a healthy and happy life.

I am actually going to stop right here. I feel like i am whining, and I should delete this post. I would if I did not make it crystal clear that this blog would be written with honesty. I am actually at a loss for what to say right now which is not my character at all.