Started the week awesome!!

This week I was attempting to turn the page and become the most bad ass awesome guy that I know I can be. I was trying to get on a page that I belong to and attempted to help as many people as I could by starting every morning by saying “I am going to be AWESOME today by…..

I have been successful in some ways and very unsuccessful in others. I have been striving for other to say why they are going to be awesome each and everyday. I have 2 or three people that are catching on. There is well over 1000 members on this page that are either the injured, or the caregivers. My goal as a very lucky man by surviving and recovering so well was to help others. I feel like I have dropped the ball. I have not been writing on this page as much as I promised to, and i am not accomplishing my goals that I have set for myself. I love my wife more than anything on this Earth but because of me dropping my goals off in the ditch I get very frustrated easily. I hear all of the excuses from other people. My wife is not one of them but it goes like this. “You are over reacting. It is just in your head, you are stressed, you should feel grateful that you are alive. Well no shit Sherlock. It is in my head, I am stressed, sometimes I do overreact but not until minutes or hours afterwards do I see it that way. People seem to think that they know what they are talking about. Walk a mile in the shoes of a person with this injury and you would be shocked. There is so much unknown about the brain, let alone a brain injury. Every injury is different and it isn’t feasible for these very well trained and educated people to live the injury. My neurologist is awesome and I love him to death, but I wish I could put him in my position to make him an even better neurologist. He is the best in the business but there is so much to be learned about brain injuries.

I also get frustrated because there is no awareness or education out there for people to see. You hear about an athlete getting a concussion or other injuries because it sells. The media is so worried about making money and selling stories that mean something nearly nobody. Michelle Obama holding a sign that I am sure she did not come up with the idea let alone write the sign herself. Give me a break. Why dont she take that time and do something useful. I do not mean talk about brain injuries either. I would be ┬áreally upset if that happened. Can anyone who is not the injured or caregiver tell me what color the ribbon is for TBI? I bet less than 3 in a hundred can do it. I love the fact that cancer gets so much attention because it deserves it. If we could get 10 percent of that attention we would be much further ahead than we are now. Someone needs to stand up and be the voice and take action to make this happen. Not one of us can do it alone, but as a team and as a solid bunch that will not break or settle for the word “no” we can and will make a difference. I started this week as an awesome fake to myself. I am going to try my best to make this happen. “WHO IS WITH ME?’

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