The Chinese Finger Trap

Tonight is going to be short and sweet and hopefully I dont get off course.

When you hear the words “Chinese Finger trap” what do you think of. I think I can safely say that we all think of that little toy that we put our fingers in and then we cant get them out no matter how hard we pull. That is what I always thought until I was shown another way to think about it. Sometimes I get a little confused about how to accomplish my tasks for the best results. There is a very smart woman that I speak with who gave me the other definition.

I recently talked about how there is no middle road for me. I fight and fight and fight to get the results that I want when it comes to my abilities and emotions. When this happens to me I quickly become the finger trap. The harder I fight the more difficult it becomes to reach the desired outcome. The problem that I have is that I dont see this until it is too late. In actuality if I slow down and stop fighting so hard I can usually find my way, sort of like the finger trap. The only outside force that is needed to remove your fingers is a thumb placed on the end of each side. The outside force that I have is myself. My outside force can easily be turned into a force inside of me which makes it much easier to control.

How is it that something so simple can be turned into something that you can relate to on another level. It truly freaks me out at times because these things are around you all of the time but we just can’t see them unless someone else shows us the way. When I get in the ring to fight that fight the only end result is going to be a KO. Reasoning with the fight and taking the time to see clearly, the fight can be reduced and the outcome will show up quickly which will put the mind st ease quicker and make you feel much more relaxed.

Remember when you get into that finger trap do yourself a favor and stay stress free by slowly making your way out without the fight.

Thank you!!!! You know who you are

Chinese finger trap (also known as Chinese fin...

Chinese finger trap (also known as Chinese finger prison, Chinese finger cuffs, Chinese finger puzzle, Chinese handcuffs, Mexican finger fun, Chinese finger torture and Mexican handcuffs) toys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 thoughts on “The Chinese Finger Trap

  1. Love me a good epiphany, in fact it is up there in the top 10 things I enjoy most in life. So thank you for this one, I shall add it to my collection.
    Looks like we are going to be in the same class at the WP Writing 101, yah! See you in class Michael. 🙂


    • Glad you like it. I have a ton of them. I throw one out there occasionally. Some of them do not make sense to alot of people unless you read the post, but they are great for me


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