Is criticism slowing your inspiration?

I was listening to a pod cast today given by JT DeBolt on people thinking that they do not have good ideas and are afraid to put themselves out there because of it. I would like to put my little spin on that.


In this wide wide world that we live in there are an immeasurable amount of people that could get some very useful things out of your thoughts and ideas. When it comes to my situation having a TBI, I knew right away that I wanted to help other survivors and their families. I had to get the courage to take that first step though.


I was afraid that my friends and others would criticize me for telling a story that most did not think was a big deal because it didn’t happen to them. I finally decided to take that leap of faith and started to tell my experiences as a traumatic brain injury survivor. I am sure that there are those out there that still would think that I do this for no good reasons and that is ok with me. If you always try to please everybody, you will wind up pleasing nobody. Once I took this step I had another bridge to cross. It took quite some time for me to share it with friends and family. To this day I still do not publicize it on my Facebook page for those reasons. That is about to change.


I have a lot of information to give on TBI because I am very fortunate to have come out of this nightmare with a very good outcome. I have returned to work as a firefighter and my life is very close to the way it was prior to my injury. For any of you that do not know, I had a traumatic brain injury that included a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage, mid line brain shearing, a 3.5 cm skull fracture, 100% loss of taste and smell, and a 40% hearing deficit to my left ear. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there that have a similar story like mine. Professional athletes, veterans, and people who have just had the misfortune of having this injury.

pie chart of causes of traumatic brain injury

pie chart of causes of traumatic brain injury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



When I did my presentation in Lancaster PA at the PA brain injury state conference there was a former NFL player in attendance. He came up to me after the speech and let me know that he had played with a local former player with the Atlanta Falcons. He asked me to give our local player his phone number and tell him that he said hi. I was honored to pass that information on.



English: A CT of the head years after a trauma...

English: A CT of the head years after a traumatic brain injury showing an empty space marked by the arrow were the damage occurred. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My experiences and thoughts throughout this recovery have been beneficial to others because they have informed me that they have. My point is do not allow your fear of failure or criticism stop you from expressing your thoughts and information. There is an Army’s worth of people who will be glad that you had the courage to stand up and tell your story.





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