Happy with my TBI

That may sound like a really messed up title to those who have been through a TBI (traumatic brain injury) or the ones that are a caregiver for a survivor. I want to explain my point of view. A brain injury is a nightmare born in hell, there is no doubt about it. It also is an eye opener and a lot of good has come from it in my particular injury. I have spilled a lot of beans on this blog about my injury and the worst parts about it. I have also shared many things that have been good for me. I am slowly moving away from the bad things and trying to concentrate on the good. The bad are still there, but why worry about things you cannot change. It is much healthier for me to concentrate on the good and focus on my future.

I have always been very compassionate about my job and I am very good at it. The difference is that I am now more compassionate as a human being. I see things in a way that I did not see before. I try not to take anything for granted and I am usually successful. I enjoy the simple things in life more than before. I could look at clouds for long periods of time and just watch them move and change while they move. I watch birds tilt their head while in the grass and wonder how the heck they figure out where that worm is and very rarely miss their target. I like to think outside the box. Sometimes it makes me look crazy until I explain my reasoning, then I am only half as crazy to them. I turn everything into a math problem. Here is an example. I will sit on my front porch and count the first hundred cars and see how many people drive by with the driver texting while driving. (that really frustrates me when I see it.) I take that number and the time it took for those 100 cars to come past my house then turn that in to how many cars per hour will have texters driving. I will then multiply it by 24. That gives me an idea of how many people text and drive past my house in 24 hours. That is a very scary number. That may sound a little OCD but the numbers would shock you. What is so important that you are risking your life and others that you cant wait until you are stopped to text?

My TBI has shown me another part of this wonderful planet that I would have missed without my injury. It is a very refreshing feeling after going through hell


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