I am going to tell you something you don’t know and you will still be clueless

That is a pretty arrogant statement. I bet you are thinking that at least a little. Guess what, its true. TBI, what does that stand for, what does that mean? To some that means Totally Bitchy Individual. To some it means Traumatic Brain Injury, and yet to others it means “hell if I know.” This should not com as a surprise to anyone that has had any experiences with a TBI or someone with a TBI. Have you ever seen a something on the TV that made you emotional enough that you had to change the channel or get up and go to another room? Have you ever walked into a grocery store and saw some of the faces on the cereal boxes and laugh because you can see them being modeled after a real person? Ever been in a stores electronic section and a half hour later you are still watching TV?  Welcome to the life of a changed life! It is actually pretty neat to catch yourself in these moments. Afterwards I think to myself WTF was that all about? Two and a half years later and it still catches me off guard. It always is like watching a movie for the first time but is more like a train wreck. I cant quit thinking about it for hours. I try to explain it to myself but I am never successful. Picture yourself standing in a roomful of people speaking a different language and laughing at their jokes and trying to figure out what they said that made you laugh. that is a pretty good analogy. Now that i told you all of that you still have no clue but at least if you see someone laughing uncontrollably in the cereal aisle take a moment to say hello. The chances are pretty good that it is me.


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