Just when you think have seen it all

Just when you think you have seen it all is something that we hear and say comes across our path. There are only two reasons for this to happen. First and foremost usually this is not a good thing. It is something that strikes us as very odd or outside of the norm for us. I t could be a person or a thing, it can make you feel like there is no hope for humanity. There are others that show you without a doubt that there is absolutely hope for humanity. I am going to touch on both of these that I have either seen or heard.

This first one is the not so good side of things that I have seen or heard. I am going to keep this very brief and not share my opinions because I get a little bent out of shape when I think about it. I think you will know where I stand without the details. Recently a verdict was just reached on a high profile lawsuit. The audacity of the person who filed the suit is nothing short of jaw dropping. Is money really more important than integrity and self worth. I am going to post one name and leave it at that. If you would like to know more about it you can look it up. If you already know about it I am sure that your opinions are already formed one way or the other. Chris Kyle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The second one which is the very good side of humanity happened several months back. I did not forget about it and it was such a wonderful thing to see that I was reminded of it after seeing this bad. Is this the brains way of evening things out within yourself. I don’t know, and actually I don’t care because the last thought I had was the good one, not the bad one. I am a pay it forward kind of guy but his puts me to shame. I was in the grocery store waiting to go through the check out line. Ahead of me was a mother with her little girl. My guess was about age 8. Ahead of them checking out was a lady about 40 or so. When the cashier gave her the total she handed her the money then started to look for the correct change to add to the dollars she handed the cashier. This little girl had a pack of Twizzlers in her hand and a dollar. Her mother was going to allow her to pay for her own treat. The little girl looks at her mother then puts the Twizzlers back on the rack and asked her mother if she could give the lady looking for the correct change her dollar because she didn’t have enough money. The young girls mother assured her that she had enough money and she was just giving the proper amount of change. The little one picks her Twizzlers back up and places them on the checkout stand dollar in hand. Then I see a dollar land on the belt and the gentleman behind me who must have seen the whole thing as well said that he was going to pay for those Twizzlers and told the little girl to save her dollar for later.

I don’t think I could have said a word if I had to at that point. I was speechless. An 8 year old girl willing to give up her Twizzlers to help an adult was astonishing. That made me smile inside myself. I looked at the mother and thought how good of a job of raising that child she must have been doing.

Bravo to that little girl, her mother, and the gentleman behind me. The rest of us may be able to learn a lesson from a kind little girl like that.

Think about it and have a good night



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