Don’t Be a Snowman

I am always trying to come up with another way to share the positive things in life by pointing out the negative and how easy it is to overcome them if you really try. Today I am going to compare that to a Snowman. Every snowman that has ever been created started with a single flake of snow. Like snow flakes everyone is different. Sometimes the snow is too dry and powdery to make a snowman. I like to think of that as people who are able to bounce back from adversity easily. That little snowflake that gets in your mind is there, but not paid attention to because it does no good and can’t turn into a snowman. Some snow is really wet and heavy. That snow can definitely be rolled up into a great big ball similar to a problem that weighs heavily on your mind. It still can’t be made into a snowman. Then there is the snow that is kind of like the perfect size and density that can turn into a snowman  in the blink of an eye. I see that as the problem that a person isn’t able to let go without a lot of hard work. If that snowman is allowed to build an the snow continues to fall that snowman will get bigger and bigger until the weight will cause it to crash to the ground.

The perfect snowflake if it is allowed to get momentum and roll down hill the results are unknown. That snowball will grow and grow until it has something that stops it, it could be the bottom of the hill, which is the worst case scenario, or it can be something that gets in the way that doesn’t allow it to reach bottom. We all have the ability to be that thing that gets in the way to stop that snowball from rolling. When we do eventually the sun will come out and that snowball will disappear.

When faced with a problem I like to change that snowflake to a type that can not build the snowman or turn my mind into the thing that gets in the way before it hits the bottom. I have many ways that I use to think positive, we all do. Once in awhile it seems  that it would just be easier to let that snowman build, stick a carrot in it for a nose and call it a day. Eventually it will go away right. Most of the time it will. Keep in mind that being in that snowman can be a very cold and lonely place. Don’t be the snowman. Let the sun shine and keep that snow from building on you and Spring will be here before you know it.


Snowman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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