Things just got real

I have set myself very specific goals once I started my road to recovery. I have reached a lot of those goals and some are still out there waiting for me to catch them. As always I am not going to slow down to reach those goals and now more than ever I have been given more motivation. One of my biggest goals and possibly one of the hardest ones to reach was to write a book telling my story about life after a Traumatic Brain Injury. Well guess what? I just got a call from my editor. She wants to meet with me because the editing IS DONE!!! This has kept the goosebumps on my arms since I got off the phone. I always knew that if I kept driving forward that good things could and would happen. There have been so many good things happen and I am not down playing them at all, but when you finally reach a major goal in your life and you can look in the mirror and say “I am going to be a published author” it is a feeling that really really feels good. My wife is going to be very happy. She knows I wanted this. If I did not have the support from my friends and family that I have had since day one, I may not have accomplished this.

Life is such a challenge and a constant roller coaster. When something this positive happens it makes me look back and say “go to hell tough times, you can not stop me!!!” Brain injury or no brain injury I am AWESOME and I was just reminded of that again today!!! Life is amazing. There is nothing that is impossible when I strive for success



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