Strength vs. Strong

When I look at the words strength and strong, I see two words that are basically the same but have completely different meanings. I used to look at these two words and see them basically meaning the same thing but then I dove a little deeper and this is what I learned. Anyone can define the word strong and it usually comes down to a physical trait that we all have. It can also mean that we are mentally strong such as our beliefs and our morals. We all can see our strong points and our weak points when it comes to our everyday life. We have the ability to change some of them quickly and some of them may take time.

Strength on the other hand is something that we think we can see but do we really. Strength is usually defined as physical more than it is when it comes to our mind. Our mind is strong but can we see our emotional strength. What do I mean by emotional strength? When I say emotional strength I mean can we really see what our strengths are and use them to the best of our ability? I am sure that many of us can, but I also think that many of us don’t. I believe that our strengths are en-grained in us by the time that we become adults. I believe that we learn these strengths based on things that we did as we were growing up. One of my examples for myself is “I am strong because I was able to bounce back both physically and emotionally from a near fatal TBI.” One of my biggest strengths is that I can always see the positive side (silver lining if you will) in any situation. There is always one out there. If you become accustomed to not looking for them then you can become weak. If you allow that to happen to you then shame on you. Can you define your strengths. I bet you can, but I bet there are more than meets the eye. They are standing right in front of you, you just have to be willing to see them


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