sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia…. Read on to learn what this means

I am a die hard football fan. I have been since I have been able to throw a football. Of course the Pittsburgh Steeler‘s are my favorite team. I grew up 80 miles north of Pittsburgh (having six rings is just a bragging right.) I can remember back in the late 70’s as a little fella watching the steel curtain just shred the opposing teams offense. Jack Lambert was of course the baddest of the bad on defense. Years and years later I actually got to meet him by accident. I was coaching a girls softball All-Star team and we had to go on the road to play our next game. When we arrived at the field I was told by a local that Mr. Lambert actually took care of the fields and worked in the concession stand. Of course being the curios man that I am I immediately was hungry for a hot dog. I went to the concession stand and sure enough there was Jack Lambert standing in front of me ready to take my order. I didn’t want to seem like the crazy fan so I reached out my hand said Mr. Lambert my name is Mike and I am the coach for the Franklin team. Nice to meet you. Then I went about my business. We unfortunately lost the game but it was pretty neat to hear one of your childhood heroes announce your players at the game. OK, back to the point

Being a super mega football fan I love this time of year. I also cringe a little when the fall begins to come around and football gets into full throttle. With my history of having a brain injury and the research that I have done since then, I know that it is inevitable that thousands of athletes around the country will have some some sort of head or brain injury. Roughly 3000 children from age 5-15 die from these injuries annually and another 400,000 are taken to hospitals. This number does not include professional athletes, soldiers and all others such as car accidents. The numbers are very scary!!  I recently just made a phone call to our local high school to see if the brain injury ribbon could be added to the helmets of all grade levels in the football program. I have not received an answer yet, but I dont see a reason for any resistance. I have a mother of an injured child to thank for this because she gave me the idea. I hope that it make s more people aware of traumatic brain injuries.

This brings me to another neat little idea I had while doing nothing and staring into space. The title of this post comes from that idea. Recently we have seen the cold water challenge and the ice bucket challenge. Well I have an idea for brain injury awareness. I am calling it the brain freeze challenge!!! Here is how its gonna work. The person who is challenged is going to have to assemble a team of them self and five others. This team of six will take a half gallon of ice cream and divide it into six individual cups. The team will then have to eat their cup of ice cream within 30 seconds to complete the challenge. Each team member will then challenge one person to accept this “Brain Freeze.” In a very short time thousands of people can spread the awareness of brain injuries. 6 turns to 36, 36 turns 216, 216 turns 1296 and so one. The outreach can be tremendous. My question to each of you is “who is with me and willing to help lead the way in the brain freeze challenge?” Leave me a comment and when I am ready to start this I will be sure to send you the challenge. Who knows, I may be able to get an Ice Cream sponsor as well.!!!! I don’t now about you,  but I am ready to freeze my brain!!!!

There is an actual medical term for a “brain freeze” you guessed it… sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia



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