United, Will We Stand?

It seems that our country is being divided by it’s own members. In D.C. there are many, including the BIG CHEESE IN CHARGE, that seem to think that the Islamic Movement is a joke, or should I say the JV team? There is no doubt in my mind that half of the slappy’s in power of our government think the same thing just because the boss does. Then there are the ones that see this threat as they should, a significant threat. A group of 100 or more of our own people in an city seems to cause an uproar, but but a group of over 30,000 that specifically state that they want to destroy America is no big deal!! Did I hear that correctly. The answer is yes I did!! When the heads of defense, and our troops overseas see this as a threat should that not be a wake up call? ISIS says that they will enter this country and there are reportedly hundreds of them already at the border in Mexico. Are they there? Nobody knows. What I do know is that this country is very heavily armed. I do know that every one of us that is capable and willing will go to where we are needed to defend this country if the gov’t decides that they don’t want to. If the word was put out that this country needed to secure a border such as Mexico to protect us from these cowards, I can promise you that there would be more than enough to stand arm to arm and wipe out the threat. Is it really going to take something like that for the gov’t to wise up? The second question is, what would the gov’t do then? In their infinite wisdom, they would probably come in and attempt to stop us from being there. This group has already proved that they are willing to take lives of innocent journalists in their cowardly way of getting the message across. I would like to know what your thoughts are about this impending attack if we do nothing to stop them? Will it happen, or will it just go away like leaves from a tree do in the Fall?

My question to everyone is “WILL WE STAND UNITED as a country and defend it even if the gov’t wont?” I know I will, till the blood runs dry!!!! Now take another look at the picture above and tell me if it is worth defending. I bet your answer will be the same as mine



One thought on “United, Will We Stand?

  1. Some will always stand…and God bless them! Many don’t even know what’s going on and sadly there are many citizens (lots of them in positions of power) filled with disdain for America. They have NO idea what the rest of the world is like nor do they appreciate the incredible gifts that freedom and liberty represent. The fight is on many fronts (international and domestic). It’s ironic that American citizens with anti-American values denigrate and impede those who are actually willing to defend us. Personally, I’ll stand for America any time, any place….Glad you’re out there!


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