Emotions that turn physical

How often does our body take an emotion and turn it into a physical feeling? I think that it happens every time, we just don’t realize it. Everything that we think and feel emotionally also has a physical reaction within us. Normally they are very subtle, to the point that we don’t pay attention, or realize it. A deep breath, a chill, a knot in my stomach, a movement in my leg or arm, or clenching the hands or toes. They happen all of the time. I only learned how to see this happening recently, after it was brought to my attention. It may not seem like that big of a  deal to most, and it may not be a big deal. It means a lot to me because it helps me in my ongoing recovery. One thing that this injury has left with me, is the inability to see things for what they are. I am always judging myself, or constantly planning ahead to make sure that I have an answer to things that happen way before they happen, just in case they do. It is a very exhausting part of my day. I break everything down to the simplest terms so I can take those details to form an answer. This gives me the upper hand controlling my thoughts when faced with situations that I have planned for. Trigger points are something that I try to plan for because I it will happen and I am very well aware of some of those trigger points. This week was my wife’s birthday. I took her out for dinner at one of her favorite places to eat. She knows that I have to have my back to the least amount of people possible. I always choose my seat based upon where i will feel the most comfortable. I tried to change it up a bit at dinner. I purposely sat in a place that normally would drive me to the edge. I thought I was doing pretty good until Ann asked me why I was being so quiet. That is when I took the time to feel what my body was doing. I was listening to every noise that I heard. I was listening to people talking and babies laughing and footsteps from the wait staff. I could hear the fajitas sizzling in the kitchen and on the cast iron serving plates when they came out of the kitchen. I was constantly scanning the room to watch what was happening around me. This made me very nervous, so I wasn’t talking to Ann because I was too worried about what was going to happen to me because I was not able to take in the surroundings like I normally do. I was bouncing my leg and curling my toes. I didn’t realize it until she pointed it out. What I am trying to point out when it comes to my recovery is this. If I try to pay attention to how things are making me feel at the time, it may help me identify my trigger points. When a trigger point is discovered by me, my ability to control the end result is much easier. When I am caught off guard by a trigger point, the outcome is unknown

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

, and the trigger point vanishes into thin air without me realizing what it was. Physical emotions are helping me slowly





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