Judgement kills

Take a minute and think about the title here. How on Earth can judgement kill? This is going to be short and sweet, but I am going to tell you my opinions on how judgement kills. First off, and the rather obvious is that by judging others you are just hurting yourself. By passing judgement on another person, you are not giving yourself the chance to know what that person is all about. You write them off before you even have the chance to like that person or choose not to be associated with them. Whether you like the or not is ok, but to judge them and not be able to make a decision based on the person, you are allowing yourself to be sold short.

Second, and maybe the one not seen by some of us is self judgement. We all do it, we all know it, and we can’t help it. We live in a society that tells us what is good and bad based on media. We as human beings think that because the rich and the famous look a certain way, that it is the only way that is right. That is not the only way that I think about self judgement.What if you judge yourself based on the actions that you perform daily? What if those actions have great intentions, but your self judgement slows you down to the point that your vision becomes foggy? I will give you my example of how my self judgement is destroying a part of me that is in fact one of the best parts of me. Since my TBI I have worked tirelessly to try and help others see things on the positive side. That little silver lining that helps us keep going on our rough days. These silver linings are everywhere, we just don’t look hard enough at times. I have worked so hard at helping others that sometimes I forget about what is best for me. I am not saying that I am the master of helping others, because that cannot be further from the truth, but I do my best. It becomes exhausting at times. If I take a day off from talking to others about TBI I feel like I am letting people down. I judge myself to the point that I will stay up late at night to be sure that I do not let anyone down. The only person that is let down in the end is me, because of that judgement. People do not expect me to talk with them, I expect me to talk with them. Eventually there comes a breaking point where I just shit down and it can take days to bounce back. That is something that I do not enjoy, but because of my self judgement I keep putting myself there. It is time for change.

Do not let judgement rob you of making new friends, or beat yourself up because you feel that you are not good enough. When it is all said and done that JUDGEMENT KILLS




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