9/11, Here We Go Again

I am sure that this post is going to piss some people off, but I really don’t care. On September 11th, a truly tragic event was brought upon the US by a group of cowards that were not man enough to come face to face with our people or our military. Many lives were lost and many more were affected for the remainder of their lives. This is about where the sympathy ends for me. 343 firefighters were killed on that day, as a firefighter myself, I can say that truly sucks. What about the other 2634 deaths of Americans. We don’t seem to remember the overall number on any other day. If you add in the 19 cowards you have a total of 2996 people. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the 19 terrorists, but that makes up the total number.  Far too often I hear people say that the firefighters entered the building knowing that they were going to die. Bullshit!! Was the possibility high that day? Yes. Did they go in there knowing that they were never coming out alive, I don’t think so. The command center was placed inside of the of the towers. This may have been the protocol, but I obviously do not know because I am not a member of that dept., and do not know their policies. What I can be almost certain of is if they knew that the towers collapses were possible, there may have been a change of plans. That is not for me to judge. On the most devastating attack on US soil, there were alot of brave men who took it upon themselves to go into harms way to do the job that they know and love. Unfortunately it did not end well for them and 2634 other US citizens, or their families. It does deserve remembrance, and we should be thankful for the job well done of saving many people.

Now we face another group of cowards that claim they will attack our country. This time we are ready, but we have our troops and money spread so far across the world, are we truly safer than we were before. I don’t think so. It is way past the time to keep our military on our own soil and protect the homeland. The days of trying to be the police force of the world needs to end. When will the idiots of D.C., and POTUS, realize this and do what we the people clearly see is better for the stability of this country, both safety wise, and financially. I feel for my grand children and their children, because at the rate we are going, we will sooner rather than later become a third world country. I love my country, I wish the politicians did!!!! God bless the families of  all lost on that day. To hell with the 19 cowardly assholes that caused it.





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