Strive for AWESOMENESS, or live with mediocrity

Today I am pissed so this will be somewhat of a rant, with a very good subject pointed out. I am going to start with the obvious. Traumatic brain injury (TBI). Does it suck? yes. Is it hard to get people to see beyond the appearance of a person? yes. Are there bad days? yes. You know what sucks even more? People who do not have the want or the intent to be positive and accept the fact that it happened and move forward. Its not something that comes automatically. It takes work and the work is hard. I am sick of hearing people thinking that they are now stuck in an endless tunnel of shit without having a way out. This is what I hear daily in my interaction with other TBI’ers. “I got hit by a drunk driver, my life sucks, no one understands, blah blah blah” Of course drunk driver’s are morons, we all know that, and know one ever will understand anything but the bad side if you don’t stand up for yourself and think positive. We as human beings create the aura that surrounds us. If you want to be surrounded my negative people, then be negative. If you want to be surrounded by positive people then think positive. It truly is that simple. If you want to change the way that you are wired in thoughts, then start right now. The only way we can’t change the thought process is by being lazy, and there is a lot of that going around these days. We, as people, are allergic to being wrong or learning life lessons. That holds us back. If the only thing that you take from life is what you believe in right now, and the fear of being judged, then you are losing out, and are very naive. If you are proved wrong, look at things at a different light, or even make a few people mad because of how you think and carry yourself, its OK!!! I read a quote somewhere a quote that says this, “He that has no enemies, has no character.” I wish I remembered the author of that quote, it is not me, I know that much.

When it comes to everyday life there are two things that you can guarantee in conversation. There will be someone who listen, agrees, and wants to learn more. The other is, there is always someone that will disagree and possibly judge you. Who cares? We are far too scared to be judged. When you sit back and just watch life go by without taking a chance or worrying that you will be judged, YOU ARE JUDGING YOURSELF!! There is no bigger critic than yourself. If you can’t step out of your comfort zone for fear of being weak or wrong, then you will miss out on amazing lessons that others have to offer. Stand tall, be proud, do  not be afraid of judgement, and live life. Everyone is being wrongfully judged, but if you sit back and let it happen without a voice, then you most likely will deserve what you end up with. Strive for AWESOMENESS and you will be surprised what you can overcome!!!


One thought on “Strive for AWESOMENESS, or live with mediocrity

  1. This post is SO like the entry I made yesterday! I too am a survivor and got so mad when I was in a Facebook page for TBI survivors and EVERYONE was complaining! How is anyone going to move forward without an optimistic/positive attitude? Check out my page:


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