Today was one of those days where a quick decision was made to either face adversity by letting it pass, or going to battle. I try to think before I act, therefore I chose to let it slide. There are a few sentences that a TBI survivor can get very defensive over when they are brought up. Today was one of those days for me. We all know pretty much how the day is going to go for us when we roll out of bed. Today I woke up and was faced with a lot of stress, I had no idea where it came from. There was multiple things racing through my mind that just took off as soon as I opened my eyes. I could have very easily used this to my advantage when faced with adversity. When I was asked “if I was crazy” I let it slide. In a room full of other people I could have very easily made this guy feel like a moron when when I beat him down with words.( I am pretty proud of the way my mind can beat some ass when necessary.) Instead I let it go for the sake of the others in the room. My point is that when faced with adversity our decisions must be quick, clear and concise. Once that decision is made, stick to your guns and see it through to the end. That will keep you from thinking that you are crazy. Adversity can make you or break you. Look before you leap!!


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