Biting the tongue hurts

Anyone that has read my writings for any length of time knows that I am pretty easy to get along with. You know that I try to reason before i speak my mind. I can not seem to reason with the things that are happening right before our very eyes. The entire world is changing and we seem to blinded by hope. Especially here on the home front. As US a US citizen, I feel disrespected, ashamed, and lied to. Why? I am glad you asked. Let me start with this. Thousands upon thousands of our service members or veterans are struggling to get by, but the VA is building million dollar lobbies for the VA hospitals. It looks good, but what good does it do? Politicians are spending 800,000 plus in “gov’t” spending on a trip to Vegas, plus $$$$$ on personal vacations. This while being a part of gov’t that is set up to overlook gov’t spending. Multiple members of DHS have suddenly retired and the AG is retiring. After giving 10000+ soldiers their pink slip, he signs a bill to allow illegal aliens to join our military. Is this starting to rub anyone the wrong way? We are all being played like a fiddle and laughed at by the rest of the world. The world dislikes America to the point of attacking us. Can you blame them? What would we think if another country decided to be the world police force. If they occupied countries and tried to change their gov’t. If they gave weapons and airstrikes to our enemies? The gov’t is turning this country in to a straight up bully while the people of the country will pay the price. We pay for the immigrants, we pay for the wars, we pay for the rebuilding of countries, and we forget about the ones who built and keep this country strong. We arm the ones who we wanted to kill a year ago, and the US citizen cannot get ammo to hunt for sport. When the weapon that has been supplied to the recent enemy is taken by the new enemy, what do you think is going to happen to that weapon and ammo? It will be used against us. I don’t even want to get started on the “fast and furious scandal,” which the data may be finally coming out to the public. Isn’t it convenient that the Attorney General is stepping down and the scandal that he covered is coming out to the public. Still feel safe with your gov’t? I have no ore faith in our leaders. The top of the chain would rather hold his coffee and salute a marine that protects this country in the same hand instead of simply moving the coffee to the other hand. If you wanna give me the “president doesn’t need to salute story,” save your breath. I know hoe the code of conduct reads, but it is a crock of shit what he has done. We now can say that the ISIS has possibly hit our land with the beheading of the female in Oklahoma. Eventually, we the people will wake up, I am ready for the things that we cannot prepare for, are you? I certainly hope so. This country is great, but the ship is sinking!!



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