Fun with a purpose

It is that time of year when we put on our costumes and hand out the candy to the children. Halloween. My favorite holiday of the year, but as some of you know, I have struggled with it the last year or two. That does disturb my motivation some, but cannot destroy it. The other night in the cold autumn air, Ann and I decided we were going to go to our first of many haunted houses for the year. We chose the one pretty close to our house since we got a late start. This haunted house that I am talking about is run by a local volunteer fire dept., and this was their first year. I have built and worked in haunted houses for many years. I am rather critical when I go through one, and try to think of how I would do things better. That changed on that night. As I was going through, I could see the hard work that was put into this haunt, and the motivation that each actor had to make the scares as good as possible. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to pull it off as well as they did for their first year. My point to this post is this. Volunteer fire departments across the country are struggling with finances and man power. This Halloween if you are out for the weekend and looking for something fun to do, find a haunted house that is run by a charitable organization. I was happy to donate the cost to go through this haunt to a good cause. Find that haunt, pay your entrance fee, and have fun being scared, adn feel good that your small donation to the cause does make a difference. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Enjoy this video below. It rocks!


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