Know when to roar

Being miserable in life is so much harder than being happy and nice. I have learned this lesson many times in life, especially since my TBI. At times it is a daily struggle to just let some things slide by without reacting quickly. I have been able to reason with myself in most situations prior to actions. Today I had one of those days that this wasnt the case. Fortunately it was in type and not with the spoken word. It took quite some time to type a paragraph after several edits and still get my point across with no doubt as to what the point was. I usually write my posts at the end of the day when I have time to look at the day and a topic pops to my head. In the last week or two I have been a bear. To my wife Ann especially. One minute I would be happy then go straight to pissed. It sucked for me but was unfair and sucked even worse for her. I am finally coming back to reality, but today I had to show the other side. I was very careful with my words, but I was border line over the top. The good thing was that I was able to choose my words so as not to seem over bearing, while at the same time showing that kindness will not be mistaken for weakness.  My point is simple. If we look at our day before we retire for the night, we can easily see the happy moments usually outweigh the bad.

I totally just lost my train of thought, I will stop this until I remember what I was talking about.