Awareness does not mean profit and self greed

I do a lot of research and learning about brain injury. I probably don’t speak enough about what I do in an effort to help the TBI community, but I am not in this for recognition. I came across a situation that appears to be an embellishment on the truth. A very vague description of injury, multiple attempts to have a conversation purely out of interest. I have been ignored multiple times, people have been thrown out of a group for asking questions, asking for donations to help with awareness cause, and in a separate comment thread saying that the money is being used for travel and other expenses. Charging people to have a cup of coffee with you, lunch with you, an autographed copy of a book that is about other peoples stories with rights to edit it. ¬†As a brain injury survivor, I know first hand that a survivor will go to the ends of the earth to find help in their recovery. That want of finding hope can make us at times gullible, believe if you want or don’t I really don’t care. The simple fact that you are wanting to profit by possibly offering something that isn’t there is just plain wrong. Once this came to my eye, I began to dig deeper, (that’s what I do) I have done it since my injury in an effort to learn more. That drive to learn more has taught me to research to the fullest extent that I am capable. What I learned is that people very close to this person has stated that this person admitted to the fact that they are using this for self profit. These people will not come forward and admit what they know, I see no problem with that, self protection is a part of all of us. This post is not going to say names, but if it is read by you, you know who you are, and I ask you to contact me just so I can learn more about you and have a conversation. Could I be completely wrong about this, its possible, and if it is I would like to set the record straight and admit my wrong doing. Lets talk about the extent of your injury, we are a tight group as survivors and caregivers, if it so vague that many people are questioning you, lets show that you are in fact who you say you are. I don’t ask this for me, the community wants to know, so I took this under my wing. The next post if needed will include some details of the people that know the truth. It will include an article that has a photo and some of the same questions that were asked here. Agree with me or not, I am going to see this through. Have a nice day and please email me if you read this, you have the email address.