1 in 324,661,586

According tot he US population clock, at this very moment the population in the United States is 324,661,586, and negativity is everywhere we look, EVERYWHERE. As a person, if you are one of the less fortunate that swims in a pool of negativity, open up your eyes, look around, and embrace what you have around you.  Think about this for just a second. You have a 1 in 326 million chance of reading this if you live in the US right? This may seem a little satirical to you, but think about it. If you live your life in the negative and pity because only 10 people care about how you feel that should say something. Only 10 people of 326 million people give a shit about your negative feelings. Now compare that to 10 people that care that you are having a great day. It only stands to reason that your 10 people that care about your great day will grow, and your 10 people that care about the negative will shrink. The country has enough negativity, your 10 people do not want to hear more, in a short period of time that number will shrink. On the opposite end, the good 10 will grow. If you simply begin to be positive about something, you will tip the scales rather quickly with the number of people in your circle that actually give a hit, because they want to give a shit, not because they have to listen to you whine. If you are having any trouble finding something positive, here is one to start worth. You are lucky, 1 in 326,000,000 lucky to have read this post…(yes, i’m smiling) now share this with your friends so they can smile too.


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