No comfort in comfort zone

I was given the opportunity this weekend to speak at the BIAPA state conference. I had a 1 hour time slot and my topic of choice was to talk about how I was able to teach myslf how to speed up my recovery.

The puzzled look comes in when it came to some of the faces that I saw while I was speaking. If there is one thing that most people know about me, it that I live in the positive. I always touch on the negative, but trying to convince someone not to be negative is much harder than trying to show them how to be positive. Pessimism is a contradiction to success. Successs can be defined in many ways. If you come outside of your comfort zone of pity for even a short time and see that the world goes on, there are plenty of positive opportunities. Baby steps is your first step. If you try to invent the next revolution to mankind, you may, but first you need the pen and paper to write that revolution down.

The only comfort in the comfort zone is denial. Whatever your situation in life is, step out of the comfort zone, outside the box, and make a difference in yourself. There is a lot of goood in the world to see, and we only have 1 chance on this big round rock. You owe it to you and the people around you to start seeing that the forest has a hell of a lot more in it than the trees. Open your eyes, stop bitching, and get to work, your happiness depends on it.

Most of the people in that room understood that happiness is built from the inside, they just need to hear that its ok not be perfect, but do not stand still and wait for it to come to you.

The one thing that is common with all brain injuries is that there is no perfect road to success. Pick your mission, set your course, and go get it, it wont sit there and wait forever.

(P.S. I have a new keyboard and dont give a damn about spelling errors, lol, it doesnt change the message)



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