Are you mad Bro?

This post may seem a little offensive to some people that  follow this blog but guess what? I am a big boy and I can handle it!!

I talk to or listen to or see posts from hundreds of  TBI survivors and caregivers every week. I love it. I give my thoughts and opinions when asked and I am an open book when it comes to sharing my experiences. There is nothing that I hide. Some of these people are on FaceBook groups, some are in FaceBook and not in groups and some are by email. I have started to notice something that I realized before but it never sunk in like it has recently. I want to preface this by saying that a Brain injury sucks!! I t is a long winding road full of potholes and speed bumps. It can beat the hell out of you and kick you while you are down. That is the facts but there is so much more!! When I hear people constantly bitch and moan about how bad their brain injury is and will be forever I get a little frustrated. If you are able to type to me on the web then you have something going good for you. All of the energy that is used to pity yourself and look for reasons to stay that way is a waste of energy. Use that energy and find something that you can be thankful for instead of being pissed off about. Is it ok to be pissed off? Damn right it is It is also ok to find a silver lining in every situation that you face. When the bitching and moaning never end you are not only limiting yourself, but you are bringing others down with you. Do yourself a favor and find something good, anything!!! Every person on Earth has the ability to think positive even when the chips are down. When ever you feel kicked in the face dont say Aww poor me. Try adding a couple of letters to the word aww and turn it into AWESOME!!!!


Traumatic Brain Injuries Suck Part II

It has just come to my attention that everyone has weird thoughts so I guess writing a part II and all of the notes that I have taken to write it were a waste of my time and time of the reader. So. I have changed my mind there will be no part II. It was worth the thought I guess. Part I is still the next post so go ahead and read it. You should get the drift. Everything is normal, I guess.

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