The Day Before

Today was normal, I worked at my part time job at the pizza shop before heading in to the firehouse for our Thursday night monthly training. I really can’t remember what our training was about that night but we finished up a little early. A few of us decided to head out for a beer before we called it a night. We went to Foxtales which is our favorite place to go when we decide to have a beer. We stood around and talked about the department and probably some government mess ups. At about 10 o’clock or so we placed our glasses on the bar and headed home for the night. I got to the house and talked to my wife. She is a telemetry nurse for the local hospital. This would be very beneficial and harmful down the road. Knowing that I had to be to work at 0730 hours, I hit the sack ready for whatever the next day would bring me. At least I thought that I was ready for the next day. I woke up the next morning at the normal time of about 6 o’clock and got my stuff ready to head to the station to begin my shift. This was November 18th. I arrived at the station grabbed a cup of coffee as usual jumped into my uniform and polished my boots. I probably should polish my boots more often, but that usually leads to a weird day. Consider it superstition. In the first half hour to hour of our shift in the department we spend our time looking at the local newspaper and relay information from shift to shift. Today was no different. We checked our little weather station for the National weather service which is sitting in our yard and looks like a little spaceship sitting there in the grass by itself.  Next we did the daily Engine check. Today is Engine 34. It is the first out Engine in our department for any call that is within the city limits. It carries all of our rescue gear and cutting tools as well as firefighting equipment like any other Engine. We finished that up after about 45 minutes to an hour or so. All though it was still pretty early to begin thinking about lunch, we decided that we were going to have sausage grinders and i was going to head out to the local grocery store to pick up the things that we need for lunch. I am usually tasked with the cooking, because I am pretty good at it. I learned a few tricks while in the US Army and serving in the first Gulf War. I also did some cooking once I left the military before being hired at the department.I jumped in the pick up truck and headed off to the store. I arrived at the store, parked the truck and called the dispatch center to let them know where I was at. That is normal day to day operations at our department. I hooked my radio microphone to my lapel and went into the store. I headed straight for the produce to grab up some onion and peppers to put into the grinders. I remember having and onion in my hand. This is when I had my “My Fall to Life”.