The fog is lifting

As the time passes by and I maintain my post looking after the business across the street things are slowly becoming clearer as to how lucky I am. My friends and co workers are coming around a little now, and the ones who have never left my side are still there as they have been since day one. I have started to collect documentation from all of the Dr’s. who have treated me because of the upcoming workers comp hearing coming up. I want to have everything that I need when this day comes. I had to hire an attorney of course and this is the first time in my life that I needed one other than the closing when I purchased my home. Since I had a lot of free time on my hands I did not take this task lightly. I once again did a ton of research on possible attorney’s that would be good for my case. The ones that I had found through my research were leading me to Philadelphia, and Harrisburg areas which was too far away for me to expect them to take this case. I approached one local attorney and he didn’t want to take the case because he said it is too hard of one to prove or win. I am so glad he turned me down. I called a friend of mine that lives in Virginia. I take an annual golf trip with him and he is an attorney. I asked him if he could help me find someone in the area that would do the best job for me. He gave me a number of a friend of his in Philly and told me to call him. He said  that guy would tell me who in this area would be the best for this kind of case. I was given the number for an attorney in Greensburg, PA. Thanks to my friend Mark, Attorney Q will prove himself to definitely be the best for this job. I would talk to him several times on the phone and through email to get ready for the upcoming hearings. The documentation that I have collected has already served a huge purpose for the case and for my sanity, so to speak. As I read through this documentation I again realize how lucky I am. I have lived through a very serious injury and I am hopefully going to be back to normal before long. My hearing is not getting any better and I don’t expect it to at this point. The ringing has become constant and I am almost able to forget that I hear it. If I lay on my right ear everything I hear is muffled. I can understand what is being said, but I have to concentrate to do it. The first court hearing is scheduled goes pretty much as planned. It is postponed because the insurance company says that it did not receive the records that it needed.. The next one is scheduled but it will be a month or so from now. in the mean time I continued my appointments with Dr. B the psychologist. The testing results have come back and she sits me down and goes over them with me. I was pretty happy with what I had heard. My abbreviated WAIS test score came back at  and showed FSIQ as 124. Sweet I am a smart dude!!!! I told my wife all along that I thought this bump to the head had made me smarter. My working memory performances were in the 99th percentile. Complex designs were high average, task confrontation was high average, and executative function averages were at least average with some being very strong. This gave me a boost that I needed because in the next week there will be something else that comes to light that I never paid attention to because I had so much to worry about besides the obvious. I will start the next post off with that. In the conversations with Dr. B I told her that my goal in life at this point was to come back to work twice as good as I was before. She said that I had had a very good goal in mind but I should allow myself time to get there. I knew that there would be guys that i work with that would always wonder if I would ever be able to do my job again. The only way that I could prove that I could was to come back better, stronger, and smarter. There was nothing that was going to stop me.

Its about this time that my wife decide that it would be a good time to hide my medications from me because I had taken the wrong ones at the wrong times once or twice. She did the right thing, but at that time it made me see red. Coupled with that and a small disagreement about something else in this stressful time led to me picking up a down pillow from my couch and slamming it to the floor as hard as I possibly could. this is the first time in my marriage that my wife had felt threatened by me. As soon as that pillow hit the floor I knew that I had over reacted and I wished I could crawl under the rug.My Fall to Life was still looking up but the road was still bumpy.