Halloween is almost over. Then just 2 more to go

The yard has been decorated with the Halloween decorations. I am normally the one who takes care of this, but this year it was done by the wife and kids because they knew that I could not give a damn about Halloween this year. It is the first time in 10 years that we have not dressed up and gone to a Halloween party. My birthday is also on Halloween. Soon it will be over and then there will only be Thanksgiving and Christmas to go to get rid of the holiday hopelessness.

If you have read my entire blog you would know that I normally have a very positive attitude and that has not changed. There is a always a silver lining in every cloud. The silver lining for me is that it is now duck season in Pennsylvania, and soon it will be deer season. My brother and I have spent a few quality days on the swamp with a mutual friend and had a few good laughs.

We have also been working on the Taj Majal of tree stands that we are placing on his property overlooking a very nice corn field. We are building this so hi wife can hunt  and still be out of the cold. That woman is one hell of a hunter, but just any other woman, being cold is not all that much fun. This stand will be equipped with a deck for the nicer weather. It will also have a second purpose. That will be my new camping spot outside of the hunting season. His wife says that it will have a sign that says Mikes Place. My brother and I have had alot of good laughs talking about our father, who has been deceased for 19 years. there have also been some serious talks about Dad. It has been such a long time since we have just talked freely about the last 19 years without our father.

The duck hunting has not been super productive in the number of ducks harvested, it has been really good for the soul. Spending time outside on the swamp in the freezing cold doesn’t mean that success is defined by the number of ducks carried out at the end of the day. Him and I both have many things to be thankful for and we both know that and cherish it.

I am trying to look forward to the next couple of months, and time will tell. If I make a decision about how I will feel in the future right now, then the anticipation will be gone and there will be nothing to look forward to.

On that note, I will sign off for tonight.